A Visual representation for Navigating the Engineering Manager's Mind

This mind map is the key to unlocking the full potential of your engineering team.

The exact structure will vary depending on the organization and engineering team you lead, but it should give you a solid foundation to start building your intuition.

Here are a few scenarios you can use this mind map for,

Expectations of you 👀

  • You can use it first to understand what you're expected to do
  • Then mark it on the map as you lead a team.

Identify knowledge gaps 📚

  • To identify areas where you may lack knowledge or experience.
  • This can help you prioritize the areas in which you need to focus your learning and development.
  • You can use it on a monthly cadence to see if there are gaps you need to fill.

Develop a plan 📝

  • For building and developing your engineering team.
  • Identify areas where your team needs to grow and develop
  • Create a plan for training and mentoring your team members.

Reviews ✍️

"Thanks Ankita Kulkarni for promoting this. I already downloaded your Engineering Manager's Mind Map, and it's a super helpful resource I shared with some peers newly managers 🤗"


The Engineering Manager's Mind Map ✨

Navigate a Successful Engineering Manager's mind.

This mind map can be used as a growth tool for identifying areas of weakness and if there are things you should be doing but need improvement.

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